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I'm Juliann Whicker. I studied Art and English in college instead of trying to make it as a Flamenco dancer. Sometimes I think I made the right choice. Other times, I just don't know.


I'm a ginger. My Chinese sign is monkey. I like random hobbies from Korean Pop dancing to doll making. I have a library of doll making books. If you want, I can hook you up. 

I have five kids. I homeschool them. Ha! You were wondering why all of my characters are crazy. Now you know. Seriously, though, they're the best, and I love every moment of it. Okay, not EVERY moment, but most of them. 

My sexy husband inspires all the too-hot-to-be-human characters in my books. He's not available, but I have a cousin... 

I LOVE hearing from readers, so if you're ever in the mood to chat, hit me up!


Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by!


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